Here we see Paul and Ringo and their wives crossing the Laxman Jhula bridge at the village of Rishikesh. In February 1968 the Beatles arrived in Rishikesh, India for a stay of several weeks at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The fabs and their companions went there in two separate groups. George and John, together with their wives, arrived on 16 February 1968. Harrison said about crossing the bridge at the village of Rishikesh: “(…) we had to cross the river by a big swing suspension bridge.”
When Paul and Ringo arrived two days later the world’s press meanwhile was now aware of The Beatles’ presence in India, so cameramen and press were already on hand as they arrived at the airport.
Here we see Paul, Jane, Ringo and Maureen on the bridge from the point of view of the east river bank, we’re looking towards the west river bank of the river Ganges.
The construction of the bridge is still the same (2021). Only the mesh has been replaced by a steel fence.
In 2023 a new bridge is built to replace the original one.

The Beatles’ visit to Hong Kong.