In September 1980 John Lennon and Yoko Ono had themselves photographed for the iconic cover of their final album together: Double Fantasy. The album was released on 17 November 1980.
The photographer: “We went to Central Park to shoot the album cover [at The Lake], just the three of us. It was in the evening, and there weren’t many people around. There was a bench by the lake, and it was beautiful, so I asked them if they could take a seat and share a kiss.”
Later, in 1984, photos from this same photo series would also be selected for the cover of the album Milk and Honey, with songs left over from the Double Fantasy recording sessions.
On the Google map below the exact spot is indicated.

On November 26, 1980, a couple of months after the Double Fantasy photo shoot, John and Yoko filmed a video to promote the album. During the video shoot they passed The Lake and this photo below was taken on exactly the same spot. We were there in 2014.